Childhood Home

Today is the Queen’s Birthday in New Zealand, although I don’t think it is actually her birthday today. It feels like a Sunday, which brings me to the conclusion that tomorrow I am going to wake up confused thinking its Monday. It’s a quiet day today, except for the birds outside and the trains rumbling past.

 I love winter. It’s my favourite season, simply because I love the feeling of when you’re outside and it’s cold, and as soon as you walk indoors it is so toasty. I came from a very country side place, and it makes me appreciate that the lights don’t go out in the city. When there used to be storms in the country side, the electricity would go out. Somehow this would bring everyone together with the candles, the fireplace going, and the cat snuggling on your lap. It reminds me of hot chocolate, marshmallows and talking and playing games. It’s amazing how darkness can bring everyone together.

One of Shyla’s (My Other Pig) Piglets

6 (5)6 (25)

Summer the boy, the adventurous cat.

6 (21)

This sweetheart, Hercules

6 (27)

The water on the beaches are amazing.

6 (23)

The rooster and chicken, the pet’s I did not like! He would wake everyone up at the strangest times in the mornings.

    6 (24)6 (22)

The beautiful green farm

 6 (20)

Mini, the Labrador. I was 13 or 14 here.

6 (1)

The farm is beautiful in the mornings, when it’s a nice winter day. The grass is completely covered with frost and when the sunrises, there is dew everywhere on the spider webs. The cold weather makes you want to cuddle your pet and just walk around in your pyjamas and blankets all day. It’s probably also because I love winter food. We have soup, hot pot (火鍋), ginger tea, red bean soup, and other Chinese foods.

This is the farm on a winter morning. The sun is rising behind the hills. It’s so beautiful and makes me think how amazing God is!

6 (26)6 (4)

In the city, winter is a lot different. Everyone has their umbrellas and coats. When you walk in a room there is a waft of the heater and it feels quieter, because the sound of rain and cars driving on wet road is so much louder.

Thanks for reading :) <3

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